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Signaller Training

Accurate simulation offers maximum value as a railway training tool
Railway simulation as a tool for the training of UK signallers was a key recommendation from the Ladbroke Grove Rail Inquiry of 1999.
Hitachi’s simulations (TREsim) for mainline railway applications are, in essence, infrastructure and operational models that either plug into, or emulate, an OEM’s control system (workstation). This provides the trainee Signaller with an environment which is controlled exactly as the live railway and the trainer has the ability to run scenario-based sessions.
For simulation to have maximum value in the training environment it must accurately mimic the ‘real world’. Hitachi’s TREsim can either plug into the OEM’s Control System or emulate signalling control systems providing the trainee with an environment which is controlled exactly as the live railway.

Whenever possible, Hitachi also integrates the real interlocking control data, real timetables and actual train acceleration and breaking characteristics. Simulated elements include track section lengths, signal sighting distances, speed restrictions, gradients and weather conditions.

Through this level of detail, Hitachi provides full-fidelity simulations which behave as the live railway and so enables Signallers to be trained on an area and have them go-live from day one.

NX Panel training simulation

At HICSE we are taking our simulator support to the next level with the launch of the NX Panel high fidelity simulation. This exciting new product will provide training support for Signallers in a real-time, real-world environment. Designed for use on touchscreen technology and accessible through a browser from any location it incorporates all the switch pulls, button pushes and associated sounds of a real panel, it even allows the user to add sticky notes!

Never has Signaller training been so realistic, so interactive, so visual and so REAL.
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