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Keeping trackside workers safe on Britain’s busy and complex rail network is a vital task. Hitachi is developing a totally digital solution that operates in parallel with existing processes and requires no lineside hardware

Signalling Safety

TREsa Hitachi’s Signallers Assistant delivers rail services against the timetable, allowing Signallers to concentrate on incidents and other emerging situations. Fully ARS+ compliant; TREsa is installed at a number of signalling centres and rail operating centres in the UK where it assists Signallers in the safe and efficient running of the railway.

The system aims to reduce Signaller workload demand by automatically routing trains based on timetable and infrastructure data, thereby improving a Signaller's ability to supervise the efficient running of a signalling area and enabling them to concentrate on incident management when required.

Trackworker Protection

It’s claimed that the UK railway is amongst the safest in Europe but despite a good safety record near misses continue to happen. Maintenance workers operating in the trackside environment often conduct activities that require concentration and focus. Being confident that the right protection is in place before and during their work is paramount.

There is a well-defined Safe System of Work (SSoW) process where activities are planned, and safety briefings are given before any trackside work starts. Despite these measures, too often trackside workers report near misses due to reduced situational awareness.

Trackside Guardian (TSG)

With no trackside hardware to install, Trackside Guardian is simple to deploy and will work with any signalling system while also complementing all existing operational procedures.

TSG monitors signalling states in conjunction with requested lockout areas to ensure that all the necessary restrictions have been applied before a Signaller grants a Line Block, thereby providing assurance to the trackworker that sufficient protection is in place.

This also provides the Signaller with a greater situational awareness and both the Signaller and the Controller of Site Safety (CoSS) have the added assurance that an alert will inform them of any trains approaching on any lines adjacent to their worksite.

The system prevents trains being inadvertently routed into line blockages. It ensures that the necessary protection remains in place by monitoring and filtering out unsafe commands between the signalling control system and the interlocking.
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