Sheffield Tram Train Track Link Commissioned on time


HICSE’s involvement with the NR Sheffield Tram Train project was recently commissioned on time with collaboration from Siemens.

HICSE’s role within the project was to provide the signalling training simulator (TREsim) and automatic route setting (TREsa) for the Tram Train infrastructure and services on the Rotherham and Sheffield Workstations.

The HICSE team, Amo Nagra, Stephen Hill, Howard Potter, George Hyatt and Jake Beck, spent a number of months working on the Sheffield Tram Train project to ensure it was ready to be delivered on time.

Following the successful commissioning, Neil Horton from Network Rail commented saying "As you will probably know by now, the Tram Train A5 Signalling Stage commissioned on time this morning with no significant logs outstanding and no safety incidents.

I’d like to thank you all for helping make this weekend a success.

There is still some work to do but the signalling element of this project is now substantially complete.

Please pass on my thanks to your teams for your hard work over the last few days – and the months/years leading up to it"

Caroline Warrington, the Project Manager at Siemens, added "I’d like to add my thanks for your efforts, particularly over the past few weeks, as there was a lot to do in a short space of time and this was successfully achieved thanks to you.  Thanks also to everyone who supported the rehearsal in week 18 and the commissioning this weekend."

The Tram Trains are not running at the moment, but The TREsa system is ready to actively route and regulate the Tram Trains on the Siemens WESTCAD Rotherham and Sheffield Workstations when the NR project is complete.

Well done to all of those involved


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