My Science Fair 2020



Supported by Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe (HICSE), the Wiltshire Music Centre based in Bradford on Avon, hosted their annual My Science Fair event.

The idea is to attract school children to music and science and it resulted in over 900 people attending the one day event.

The event consisted of performances, demonstrations, team workshops and drop-in experiences.  Everyone who attended were given the opportunity to get involved.

A big part of the day was the My Science Fair Project competition to which HICSE sponsored The Hitachi Prize for Innovation and the competition was high but the lucky winner was Sam from Widcombe Infants School in Bath.  Congratulations Sam!

The competition gave 61 local primary school children the opportunity to develop their skills in music and science.  They were given 3 months to choose a question based on their interests, decide how they would investigate their question and display their findings at the fair in March.

During the event, the children were asked to contribute towards writing The My Science Fair Symphony.  This song was written to demonstrate the links between music and science and to reflect on what they had enjoyed and learnt leading up to the event and the event itself.  It was then performed at the end of the day by a full auditorium of children and adults.

The Wiltshire Music Centre had many aims for the My Science Fair event and managed to exceed them all.  The main one being the amount of people attending and getting involved.

At HICSE, we are pleased to have supported this local event, which got so many children involved.

Congratulations to everyone who got involved.

To find out more about the Wiltshire Music Centre and other events that will hopefully start taking place again soon, please visit

Posted 11/08/2020

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