Scandinavian Rail Development



On the 22nd and 23rd May, Tom Ross attended the Scandinavian Rail Development conference in Stockholm.  Presentations came from the rail companies of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Baltics.  Also present were most of the large rail companies as well as lots of smaller organisations with specific products. The conference was also supported by representatives of the Dept of International Trade both in the region and from the UK.  Tom attended this conference as part of the sales team strategy to diversify our customer base.

The presentations detailed the massive investment into rail across the region and the need for foreign companies to provide their skills and expertise to support the many incredible projects (a station built inside a mountain is a particular favourite).  There was also high levels of discussion around data in rail companies – how to gain value from the vast amounts of data railways generate.  Data is becoming the hottest topic in rail and Hitachi is going to be an important player in helping customers realise the value.


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