Presenting at the RailSIMtech 2017


RailSimTech 2017 conference and exhibition was organized at the NEC Birmingham on the 8th, 9th and 10th November 2017.

This conference had participants from Railroads, simulator vendors, training institutes, universities mainly from UK and Europe. There were a good number of exhibits from simulation vendors across multiple countries, exhibiting the latest in the area of training, virtual reality and 3D.

The participants shared their rich experience in the areas mainly of the simulators for training in the areas of signaling, train drivers training and maintenance.

HISCE and Hitachi Rail India jointly presented at the conference by Graham Goswell of HICSE and Narendra Ashar of Hitachi Consulting India. Our presentation was about simulation products from HICSE with an innovative idea for the future of Simulation Technology Applications in the area of Railways. Tom Ross, Steve Baker of HICSE and Mangal Dev of Hitachi Rail India were also participated in the conference.

The theme of our presentation was the use of simulation for operations efficiency in railroad operations and use of data, application of data science with Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning in the area of railways.

The presentation not only appraised the elite crowd with the products we have, like TREsim, TREmodel, TREsure, Dessan, TREsa and TRANISTA, it showed innovative possibilities and the way ahead in application of simulation and data based technologies for Railway Operations and Railway Intelligence.

Narendra Ashar began the presentation with a brief introduction to the largest, dense, complex and one of the most diverse railway of the world and its problems. The Railway board, the top body at Indian Railways has identified Operations Research applications as a key to help solve these problems more effectively, though the push for new equipment and technology continues, it is operations research over and above these would lead to Railway efficiency. The products and services with the thought process and concepts the HICSE tools and solutions could be a very effectively used at scale for operations research application leading to Railways efficiency. We also presented the idea of systematic application of capacity measurement and management, process capability indices in Railway operations.

Continuing with the mantra of Railways efficiency at scale for railroads, Graham Goswell presented products and services of HICSE along with a new focus of Data and its innovative use going ahead. Innovate use of data for Predictive maintenance of infrastructure, Incident recovery systems, User ergonomics and Responsive security. This apart he introduced the idea of commercial use of data for Retail intelligence to on-station and local area companies, personalized marketing on train and in station.

The feedback from the elite participants was very encouraging, particularly from the Railroad and Network operations personnel. For many, the use of Simulations in planning, capacity measurement and management, process capability metrics and analytics applications was a new but necessary idea which would help them solve a lot of their problems, and could be looking forward to availability of such tools.

Simulation Technologies integrated into operations management is the promising area and rail efficiency is the new mantra for railways of the world. Hitachi is committed to lead the way for this transformation.


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