Comprehensive Support Service

To ensure the permanent availability of our customer's solutions and systems, HICSE provides technical maintenance and support services for all our products.

We approach maintenance and support projects both from a managerial and technical point of view, aiming to create long term partnerships with our customers. Our support teams comprise highly skilled, experienced and multi-functional engineers led by managers responsible for complying with the agreed service level agreements (SLAs) and quality standards.


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comprehensive support service

• System support management
• Performance monitoring
• Telephone support
• On-site support
• Remote access and repairs
• Spares and returns handling
• Technical investigation
• Software and data management
• Maintenance of product approval status
• Provision of training specific to requirements
• Service and recalibration of test equipment
• Obsolescence management
• Monitoring and evaluation of changes to interlocking regulations.

Whatever your query is when using HICSE software, our support co-ordinators are willing to help. They are available for your pre and post-delivery concerns.

Tel: 01225 868012