Polityka jakości

Quality Policy

It is the policy of Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe Ltd. (HICSE) to achieve competitive advantages through the delivery of railway engineering designs and services to our customers which enhance their business, comply with all relevant standards, achieve timely delivery of quality products and services and provide value for money.
The Directors and Management of HICSE are fully committed to meet or exceed customer expectations while adhering to and continually improving our products, services and the Business Management System. HICSE have put in place the processes and methods to enable the causes of non-conforming products to be identified at the earliest possible stage of production or test. This will enable the Company to work towards eliminating product non-conformities.
It is the responsibility of every employee to ensure that the policies and processes on the HICSE Business Management System are followed to ensure the delivery of quality products and services to our customers, together with the monitoring of suppliers to ensure the procurement of quality products and services.
We are committed to the continual improvement of products, services and processes including our BMS. Monitoring and improvement of the BMS is achieved using feedback and measurable objectives such as Key Performance Indicators. This is managed using a set of regular defined meetings which include the review of Key Performance Indicators against established benchmarks.
Our BMS is managed, monitored, reviewed and audited to comply with the requirements of ISO9001:2008, TickIT Plus and where appropriate EN50128.



Process: 0050/PROC/0034 16v0