Partnership with Women’s Engineering Society


The Women's Engineering Society is a charity that inspires and supports women and girls to achieve their potential as engineers, scientists and technical leaders. By becoming a Company Partner with WES, HICSE hopes to demonstrate its commitment to its female employees and to the WES vision of a better and more diverse world.

The Partnership Programme enables organisations to help WES with the important work that they do in supporting women engineers and encouraging girls to see engineering as a career option.

Diversity in HICSE means that we appreciate and value differences. It also means seeking to achieve a mix of people that reflects society today. Hitachi regards personal differences — gender, nationality, work history, age, sexual orientation, and philosophy — as facets of people's individuality. By respecting our employees' individualities and positioning them as an advantage, Hitachi frames its diversity and inclusion as conducive to both the individual's and the company's sustainable growth. With strong teamwork and broad experience in the global market, we will meet our customers' needs.

Women in Engineering

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