Successful Entry into Service for Paisley & Ayr


The last week in February saw the entry into service of TREsa for the Paisley and Ayr workstations at the West of Scotland Signalling Centre (WSSC).  This completes the first major milestone of the TREsa for MCS rollout into WSSC.  As one of the longest running TREsa projects, this is a huge achievement for the company and the many dedicated engineers who have worked to deliver this system.

TREsa was initially switched on at 10am on Monday 26th February and the initial impressions from the signallers have been very positive. The system has quickly proven its capability in a number of different operating conditions, including the morning and evening peaks, and also during severely disrupted operations due to the weather.


Network Rail’s plan was to phase the introduction of TREsa by first working the off-peak periods of Monday and Tuesday, and then enable full-time operations on Wednesday to include the peak time services. However, the Signallers were so pleased with the system’s performance on the first day that they asked for it to start full-time operation before the Tuesday evening peak. This demonstrates how well the TREsa system is working and their growing confidence in the system.


Wednesday morning saw severe disruption to rail services due to heavy snow.  With the rail network suffering significant issues including points failures, TREsa continued to support the Signallers to keep services running as efficiently as possible.  TREsa was automatically routing trains in the less affected areas, which allowed the Signallers to focus their efforts on the network failures requiring their attention.  This is great example of the benefits TREsa brings to the rail network, showing the difference it can make during degraded operations.


The project team will now be looking to commission the next phases of the project where the Shields, Cathcart, Polmadie and Glasgow Central workstations will see the same benefit of having TREsa support their busy operation.  The company would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of this commissioning and their continued efforts in supporting this project.


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