New IRSE Chairman is from HICSE



Richard Belli has recently been appointed as Chairman of IRSE (Plymouth Section). This continues a HICSE monopoly which has seen both Richard and Dave Biss hold the role between them for the majority of the last half a dozen years. The Plymouth Section was founded in 1970 and draws members from the strong railway engineering base in the city which includes companies such as Bombardier, Atkins and MGB. Regular technical meetings and visits are held, which this year includes a prestigious paper to be held on Crossrail, likely to be hosted at the University of Plymouth in October. A technical visit to Dartmouth Steam Railway is planned early next year.

“It’s an honour to be Chairman once again of this long-standing section of the IRSE. It’s a good chance to meet with colleagues from other companies and learn from the variety of projects that we are all working on. The Crossrail paper should be of particular interest as a number of local companies have been involved in some shape or form, not least ourselves with the recent testing of Paddington Crossrail interlocking data using TREsure.”

HICSE has presented a number of technical presentations to the local section in recent years and Richard would be very interested if any colleagues within HICSE would be prepared to present on a railway topic in future years.


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