London Bridge Redevelopment Complete!


After successful hand back from its final 10 day Xmas and New Year possession, yesterday (2nd January) signifies a landmark for London Bridge and the Thameslink Programme. The culmination of over five years of major redevelopment including wholesale complex multi-staged infrastructure re-alignment and the complete station rebuild of London Bridge was today finally fully commissioned into service.   


Network Rail Thameslink Programme Stage-works Playlist

Hitachi has supported project initiatives for Thameslink Key Output (KO) 1&2 throughout, back as far as 2012. We have provided Line of Route concept viability modelling for the entire area, initial prototype ARS (TREsa), multiple staged Signaller training simulators and Traffic Management system deployments for Thameslink at Three Bridges ROC (TB ROC) and Network Rail Thameslink HQ at James Forbes House in Southwark, London.

thameslink(Image from NR website)

Hitachi now have Isolated Traffic Management and will soon deliver Interfaced Traffic Management. Further ‘outer’ Thameslink areas will also see additional TREsim systems delivered between now and end of 2020, so Thameslink work continues, though for once on a stabilised infrastructure!

As we celebrate our successful involvement in what has been one of the most complex and challenging railway engineering projects of our generation, it’s fair to say that we are extremely proud of what we’ve achieved together so far...


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