Kings Cross Remodelling

London Kings Cross Remodelling

London Kings Cross Remodelling

As part of an essential East Coast Mainline upgrade, Network Rail is transforming the railway approach to London Kings Cross.  The station was modernised in 2012, but the current track and signalling layout have not been improved since installation 40 years ago.

 A new track layout to improve train movements and a disused tunnel is to be reopened providing six tracks into the station instead of the four currently available.  Implementation of this plan requires extensive engineering possessions and a reduced service was planned for Kings Cross on 13 and 14 July 2019, with further works to be carried out over the 24-26 August Bank Holiday Weekend.

A modified timetable had been produced by ITPS, at T-12 (informed traveller timetable).  Both ITPS and STP planning wanted to double check the static timetable for errors and to validate the timetable prior to operational running so that travellers could be warned of any issues prior to travel. 

Working with planning teams for the LNE and Sussex Routes an advanced CIF was provided and Hitachi used Tranista’s IM system to analyse the timetable for any issues.

 46 errors were found in the timetable, including platform conflicts and overtaking conflicts.  All identified errors were reported to the Network Rail Planning team who were then able to resolve them using the standard planning processes in advance of publication.