An Innovation Partner for the IoT Era


In early September Darran Williams, HICSE's Contracts and Commercial Manager, attended GAP-M (Global Leadership Acceleration Program for Managers) training at the Hitachi Europe office in Maidenhead along with colleagues from across Hitachi in Europe (Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands) and even as far away as Zambia!

The GAP-M syllabus is focused around understanding and contributing to Hitachi’s global strategy of: “An Innovation Partner for the IoT (Internet of Things) Era” with a focus on collaboration across Hitachi to deliver customer centric services and products, and translating those priorities into the local businesses that we work for. An interesting opportunity to understand the challenges of the other Hitachi divisions, learn from others and to work together solving some simulated business scenarios, including the ‘grand finale’ of building some paper and card models that represent the future strategy of Hitachi.

The construction challenge was accompanied by the usual ‘management’ pivots... schedule challenge, change of team resources and budget reduction part way through the project! Hence why the final product looks like it could be a pre-schooler homework exercise. But if you look hard enough it does represent the four pillars of the 'One Hitachi' strategy: Focus, Accountability, Engagement and Sustainability - coupled with customer centric focus, to accelerate growth!

To read more about The IoT (Internet of Things) please click on the following link: 


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