Hitachi welcomes the Digital Railway Team



It was a busy time in our Derby office last week when we had the pleasure of hosting a visit from Network Rail’s David Waboso, Managing Director, Group Digital Railway.  This office is the hub for our Thameslink TMS delivery team and so there is always an excited buzz about the place and David’s visit added another level.

Digital Railway

This was a great opportunity to showcase some of Hitachi’s key technologies and demonstrate their potential effectiveness in meeting many of the challenges associated with delivering the future Digital Railway. David also took time to review progress on a specific initiative we are undertaking as part of the Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) Programme. 

It has long been accepted that the use of simulation tools early in the design process is associated with greater levels of success in final delivery and operation. HICSE’s expertise in the development of simulation for infrastructure design and data validation provides industry specialists with the tools they need to fully test the integrity of design options and subsequent operational objectives.

Put simply simulation enables better results, with better cost control, to better managed timescales - all essential requirements to deliver projects the size and scale of the Digital Railway Programme. Given the capacity constraints of the UK network getting things right in a virtual environment vastly de-risks future technology deployment and operational change.  

Delivering the next generation of rail systems requires a step change in technology and approach as outlined in the Government’s ‘Strategic Vision for Rail’. We are delighted that David and his team are open to exploring the opportunities offered by our new technology developments.


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