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During September, a number of HICSE engineers attended a kick off meeting for the Hitachi STEM Champion Scheme.  Here is what one of them had to say following the event.

“I along with other HICSE colleagues attended the Hitachi STEM Champion Scheme kick off meeting in maidenhead in late September 2019. This scheme is a new professional development opportunity for early career engineers from all Hitachi Group Companies, starting with those in the UK. It will run in collaboration with the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering (QEPrize), the scheme provides opportunities for external skills development, networking, attending prestigious events, publishing articles and thought pieces. It also offers internal STEM Champion Forum Meetings with peers from across the Group, training and access to senior business leaders. It will also provide us with a forum to run STEM awareness sessions in schools around the UK.”


To many people, STEM isn’t something they have heard of before, so below is an outline of what the STEM scheme is all about.

What is Hitachi STEM Champion Scheme?

STEM Champion Scheme is Hitachi’s approach on the STEM education program which encompasses schools, summer programs, science centres, museums and a variety of environments that make up a collection of learning opportunities.  The Hitachi mission is to ‘Inspire the Next’ generation of pioneers through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and is committed to making a difference.

The idea of STEM Education is to excite and engage students by providing them with a hands-on experience with research grade scientific instruments they wouldn’t usually have access to.


What does STEM stand for?

S – Science – ‘Explore a new gateway into the minds of students’.  By showing students what science can do, it expands the boundaries or their potential and possibilities for the future.  Through STEM, students will learn about innovative and challenging scientific activities that helps them understand the value of science.

T – Technology – ‘Magnify the importance of Technology’.  Challenging students to familiarise themselves with innovation will encourage their sense of curiosity.

E – Engineering – ‘Science, math and technology are among the tools engineers use to create solutions serving people and society’.  The students are inspired by the creativity of engineering and the opportunities it provides to make a difference.

M – Mathematics – ‘Math is the language of the sciences’.  Giving students a hands-on way to understand real-world problems will lead to a brighter tomorrow.


To find out more about the Hitachi STEM programme, please visit the Hitachi Inspire STEM Education website


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