First Successful RITA Integrated TREsa System


Huddersfield TREsa went Live this weekend (20th-21st January), the first successful Relay Interface TDM Application (RITA) integrated TREsa system!  The project has been underway over a year, with fantastic commitment from the main project Data Engineer Ben Pennington and everyone at all levels of HICSE coming together to support this complex project. 

Network Rail, Siemens, Hitachi & its suppliers have successfully completed its planned Phase1 Re-Control Commissioning this weekend (wk43) Safely.  During the 54hr disruptive possession, seven existing interlockings were changed over to correspond with the new Siemens WestCAD Control System at York ROC.  In addition, the Automatic Route Setting (ARS) functionality was successfully commissioned and the new Signalling System 'Signed In To Use' during the early hours of Monday morning. The project stays on course to commission the Re-signalling (Phase 2) in Oct 18. 


Not only was RITA a significant hurdle to overcome, but we have also seen through revised requirements from Network Rail whereby Huddersfield Controls are exclusively controlled by TREsa without SIL4 interlocking protection, which has drawn experience from across the company with designs led by our Technical Authorities Dave Biss, verified by Velu Shanmuga.


The impact of this project is significant as many of our current and future projects are relying on the same technologies, so to have this switch on first time is a great milestone to have reached.  


Siemens have also passed on their thanks for our work on the project.

Many thanks for all of your efforts which have culminated in the successful commissioning of Huddersfield-Bradford Phase 1 this weekend. 

The commissioning wouldn’t have gone as smoothly as it did without everyone’s efforts in the design stages and through the enabling stage and rehearsal.

Particular thanks to everyone involved in the big push since Christmas to get everything ready for the commissioning.

Thank you.

With best regards,
Caroline Warrington

Control Systems Manager

Siemens Rail Automation Holdings Limited

 Many thanks to ALL who contributed both before and during the weekend.


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  1. Implementing Huddersfield control in TRESA was challenging for me and Dave Biss. It was first time that a SIL2 (TRESA) system was used to provide safety-control. Thanks to Graham Goswell and Graeme Christmas for the support.

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