Environmental and Social Performance Policy

Environmental and Social Performance Policy

Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe is a UK-based provider of software products for railway signalling and operations, including simulators and automatic route setting systems. We are also the integrator of traffic management systems for the UK and European market, working closely other Hitachi group organisations.

The Environment and Social Performance Policy sets out our approach which is key to achieving the Hitachi Global Vision of contributing to society through the development of superior, original technology and products, and striving to achieve a more sustainable society in order to help resolve environmental problems through business.

We undertake to achieve this by:

  • We expect our employees and contractors to apply the following principals agreed by the company directors to guide our work activities.
  • We will as a minimum comply with all relevant environmental and social legislation and regulatory requirements
  • We will take action to prevent pollution to land, air and water which may occur as a result of our operations
  • We will buy and use resources in a responsible and sustainable manner
  • We will minimise the waste we produce and seek to recycle as much material as possible
  • We will provide our employees with the relevant competence and training to deliver our policy
  • We will be a considerate neighbour and will engage with our community to avoid unreasonable nuisance from our work activities
  • We will seek to inspire future workforce by identifying opportunities to address any skills shortage and contribute to local economy through apprenticeships, local recruitment and local procurement
  • We will create positive industry partnerships, engaged employees and a diverse workforce, working collaboratively to achieve a common Hitachi vision
  • We will comply with all relevant legislation and regulatory requirements relating to a responsible business including Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and Equality Act

These principals and commitments are supported in our development and operational processes.

Process: 0050/PROC/0035 10v0