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Digital Innovation

Hitachi is able to produce a detailed TREsim micro simulation modelling tool, based on current and ETCS signalling and a physics-based train running model. This model enables us to provide a range of outputs to answer any specific questions posed with respect to a route.  We are also able to produce a route usage ‘Heat Map’ which can be configured to any specific requirements (e.g. trains per hour using a specific section of track).

The results generated enable Hitachi and  route managers to consider a range of targeted Digital deployment tools to address any issues identified in the heat map. 

Detailed simulations of the railway can be produced with approximately 80% of the UK rail infrastructure digitised on our simulations.  For Digital Railway we have been running simulations of the Transpennine geographical area with emphasis on analysis of running times for York to Manchester in both directions. This exciting opportunity provided Digital Railway with evidential information on real benefits emerging from the digital arena.  Hitachi created an accurate infrastructure model that contains hi-fidelity signalling interlockings, gradients, permissible speeds, stations, junctions, and rolling stock and timetables. 

Sectional running time data was also provided and overlaid with accurate rolling stock parameters that incorporate full braking and accelerating characteristics for the actual rolling stock.

Whole Route Models

Hitachi digital simulations are capable of modelling a whole route. We are able to look at the route in sections and run the current timetable through it to provide a heat map of the complete area. 

Diagram a – b and c – Heat Map showing whole Route Diggle – Morley





Hitachi then works collaboratively with the client to identify the most optimum deployment of TMS (interfaced or isolated, any additional areas of specific congestion), and where no action is required.

Hitachi Digital Heat Map

The benefits of the Digital Rail toolkit have been well defined recently within the Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) work. Other related Digital Rail reports that have also benefited from significant Hitachi involvement.

The heat map below shows Huddersfield and east and west approaches; we have modelled a ‘heat map’ based on current timetabled track usage (based on the capacity required between 0800 and 0900 on a weekday).

  • Green indicates between 1-3 trains use this section of track per hour.
  • Red indicates more than 6 trains use this section of track per hour. 
  • Blue indicates that no trains over that section of track over that designated hour.
  • Yellow indicates 4-6 trains use this section of track per hour.

Heat map showing Huddersfield station and East / West approaches

This graphical representation clearly and concisely illustrates infrastructure pinch points and enables identification and consideration of targeted digital and, in some cases, civil improvement options. This enables the identification of specific areas of route that require the most attention, and evidences potential benefits from the Digital toolkit deployment.

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