dessan Simulate



dessan Simulate

A training and assessment system for railway signalling designed to link to various VDU signalling systems and NX panels.  For simulation to have maximum value in the training environment, it must accurately mimic the ‘real world’.

Hitachi has developed simulations that either plug into the OEM’s Control System or emulate signalling control systems.  This provides the trainee with an environment which is controlled exactly as the live railway.  Whenever possible, Hitachi also integrates the real interlocking control data, real timetables and actual train acceleration and breaking characteristics.  Simulated elements include track section lengths, signal sighting distances, speed restrictions, gradients and weather conditions.

Through this level of detail, Hitachi provides full-fidelity simulations which behave as the live railway and so enables signallers to be trained on an area to enable them to go live one day.

dessan Simulate is designed for simulating various signalling systems controlled from both NX panels and a number of VDU systems (WestCAD, MCS, IECC and others).

It provides a realistic training environment including telephone, alarm and CCTV crossing systems.  An Assessor’s workstation allows a large range of scenarios to be developed ranging from a gentle introduction to a new system up to a challenging incident for the most experiences signaller.

dessan Simulate provides an accurate infrastructure model which uses train performance data to generate ‘virtual trains’.  The actual interlocking data is used wherever possible to enhance fidelity and create realistic behaviours.

In addition to providing an extremely powerful and flexible training tool, dessan Simulate can also be used to investigate and validate signalling systems and timetables.  The timetables are processed from the CIF.  These can be run prior to their ‘go live’ date to ensure that they are conflict free.