dessan Reveal


dessan Reveal

Digitally capture complex data from a live railway and provide intelligent analysis to deliver valuable insight into what’s happening across the network.

The world’s largest and most profitable businesses are data driven, however data has true value only when turned into management information to enable more validated, more timely and more measured decision making.

Transforming data into information is a step change for any business but for the rail industry to achieve its long-term future goals where is a need to increase capacity and become a more reliable service – dessan Reveal is the enabler for the rail industry.

This exciting new development from Hitachi will help to reduce the number of acceptable risks, cut maintenance costs and enable accurate, targeted deployment of resources and assets within general infrastructure planning and maintenance, ultimately improving user experience and ensuring passenger demands are met.

  • Possession Conflict Manager, to remove potential issues in the timetable in advance of any delays on the live railway
  • Digital Design, linking core railway data to 2D and 3D BIM tools
  • Delay Manager, enabling a real-time analysis of delays, heatmap outputs to highlight problem areas, and machine learning to reduce future delays
  • Strategic Outline Business Case, which is utilised to quickly model and test proposed changes to the infrastructure, rolling stock or timetable to maximise the value of every pound spent.