dessan Design



dessan Design


Use dessan Design to minimise errors, save time and reduce costs

dessan Design provides graphical outputs for the assessment of design options and System Data Exchange Format (SDEF) output, enabled automated data entry and data sharing with other tools

  • Create scheme plan sketches from a library of signalling components
  • Analyse the safety and performance of signalling designs
  • Standardise the production of scheme sketches


Benefits of dessan Design:

  • Increase signalling designers’ productivity by automatically transferring data between tools
  • Automatic drawing validation allowing users to check for basic errors and omissions, minimasing time allocated to works whilst improving quality
  • Improves the validation system and user experience, and saves time by eliminating the need to validate simple sketches
  • Improves the quality and consistency of sketches through use of common tool


Features and Functionality:

  • Output SDEF data for analysis tools Headway Analysis Tool (HAT) and signal spacing model (SSpaM)
  • Can be configured in-house to cater for the introduction of new signalling equipment types through NR’s cell library
  • Intuitive and interactive interface
  • Options and stage-works can be displayed within the same sketch using timeframes
  • Timeframe comparison to show red and green work
  • Export sketches as JPG images