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dessan Design


The dessan Rail product suite offers solutions to improve efficiency and accelerate signalling and track design, sustaining the future of rail transport around the world.  It draws on our excellent software expertise, but coupled with a real-world understanding of the signalling design process, it also offers our clients opportunity to work more efficiently in delivery of projects.

Intelligent design is critical to the success of any rail infrastructure project.  In response to the rail industries growing need for intelligent design tools, Hitachi has developed a software solution that supports the development of modular signalling design which can potentially reduce costs and make planning work more efficient.

dessan Design is intended for use in the earliest stages of signalling design when options for infrastructure and signalling layouts are being considered and supports the optioneering process.

Uniquely, the software provides automated validation to check for basic errors thus reducing the need for rework during the later design stages.

This intuitive signalling design tool fits neatly with the aim of a more efficient project design approach with the ability to create and edit scheme plan drawings on screen using a library of signalling components.  Users also have he ability to export drawings in multiple data formats for use in other tools to add any further detail required to create a complete scheme plan.  It is expected the product will allow future development in automated design and test for signalling schemes.

Use it to:

  • Perform cost, signal spacing and safety analysis
  • Build options and stage-works into a single sketch
  • Carry out TPWS calculations
  • Validate sketches against defined rules