First Successful RITA Integrated TREsa System


Huddersfield TREsa went Live this weekend (20th-21st January), the first successful Relay Interface TDM Application (RITA) integrated TREsa system!  The project has been underway over a year, with fantastic commitment from the main project Data Engineer Ben Pennington and everyone at all levels of HICSE coming together to support this complex project. 

Network Rail, Siemens, Hitachi & its suppliers have successfully completed its planned Phase1 Re-Control Commissioning this weekend (wk43) Safely.  During the 54hr disruptive possession, seven existing interlockings were changed over to correspond with the new Siemens WestCAD Control System at York ROC.  In addition, the Automatic Route Setting (ARS) functionality was successfully commissioned and the new Signalling System 'Signed In To Use' during the early hours of Monday morning. The project stays on course to commission the Re-signalling (Phase 2) in Oct 18. 


Not only was RITA a significant hurdle to overcome, but we have also seen through revised requirements from Network Rail whereby Huddersfield Controls are exclusively controlled by TREsa without SIL4 interlocking protection, which has drawn experience from across the company with designs led by our Technical Authorities Dave Biss, verified by Velu Shanmuga.


The impact of this project is significant as many of our current and future projects are relying on the same technologies, so to have this switch on first time is a great milestone to have reached.  


Siemens have also passed on their thanks for our work on the project.

Many thanks for all of your efforts which have culminated in the successful commissioning of Huddersfield-Bradford Phase 1 this weekend. 

The commissioning wouldn’t have gone as smoothly as it did without everyone’s efforts in the design stages and through the enabling stage and rehearsal.

Particular thanks to everyone involved in the big push since Christmas to get everything ready for the commissioning.

Thank you.

With best regards,
Caroline Warrington

Control Systems Manager

Siemens Rail Automation Holdings Limited

 Many thanks to ALL who contributed both before and during the weekend.


Top Marks for New TREsim Train the Trainer Course


Over three days in January (9th - 11th), Mark Herron, HICSE Technical Authority and Tony Prankett, HICSE Technical Trainer, delivered the new TREsim Train the Trainer course at Network Rail's Rugby Rail Operating Centre.  The course was delivered to 5 Network Rail Trainers, including a Digital Railway Trainer.

The training course was a mix of classroom based learning on some already configures laptops so the delegates were able to follow the functionality being demonstrated.  The delegates also got to have a go on the full simulator rig taking it in turns to have a go as an Assessor and a Signaller.  All of the delegates were former Signallers.

Train the Trainer

The new course covered tasks such as starting the Simulator, Timetables, TREsim Overview, Track Menu and Actions, Signal Menu and Actions, Point Menu and Action, Train Describer Menu and Actions, Train Menu and Actions, Localised Actions and an overview of ARS (Automatic Route Setting).


Train the Trainer

So the delegates were able to put what they learnt from the course into practice, they were tasked with writing their own scripts to practice upcoming areas for Signaller assessment.  These included divided trains, wrong direction moves, various infrastructure failures and replaying communications for assessment purposes.


Overall the course was very well received with maximum marks given on the feedback sheets 


London Bridge Redevelopment Complete!


After successful hand back from its final 10 day Xmas and New Year possession, yesterday (2nd January) signifies a landmark for London Bridge and the Thameslink Programme. The culmination of over five years of major redevelopment including wholesale complex multi-staged infrastructure re-alignment and the complete station rebuild of London Bridge was today finally fully commissioned into service.   


Network Rail Thameslink Programme Stage-works Playlist

Hitachi has supported project initiatives for Thameslink Key Output (KO) 1&2 throughout, back as far as 2012. We have provided Line of Route concept viability modelling for the entire area, initial prototype ARS (TREsa), multiple staged Signaller training simulators and Traffic Management system deployments for Thameslink at Three Bridges ROC (TB ROC) and Network Rail Thameslink HQ at James Forbes House in Southwark, London.

thameslink(Image from NR website)

Hitachi now have Isolated Traffic Management and will soon deliver Interfaced Traffic Management. Further ‘outer’ Thameslink areas will also see additional TREsim systems delivered between now and end of 2020, so Thameslink work continues, though for once on a stabilised infrastructure!

As we celebrate our successful involvement in what has been one of the most complex and challenging railway engineering projects of our generation, it’s fair to say that we are extremely proud of what we’ve achieved together so far...


Celebrating 5 Years with Hitachi



It was 5 years ago today (20th December 2012) that the acquisition of TRE (The Railway Engineering Co.) occurred and the start of a journey within the Hitachi family.

  5 years

So many things have happened within the last 5 years.  We have opened and expanded the office our office in Derby to mobilise and deliver the Thameslink Traffic Management System as well as accommodating a number of other non-TMS projects.  In 2015 TRE was re-branded where we adopted the Hitachi brand and changed the company name to Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe Ltd (HICSE).  As we adopted the Hitachi brand, our online presence on the social media platforms and our new website, has improved significantly.  

We have seen a number of innovations in the HICSE product set which are seeing real successes, such as the recent TREsure, TREmodel and Dessan delivery projects.

5 years

Over the last 5 years, our headcount has increased by 300% which shows the success of HICSE and the huge efforts from all of the staff throughout the business.

5 years

To celebrate this milestone, a delivery of cake to each of the three offices had been arranged and enjoyed by all.

5 years

Here's to the next 5 years!


Presenting at the RailSIMtech 2017


RailSimTech 2017 conference and exhibition was organized at the NEC Birmingham on the 8th, 9th and 10th November 2017.

This conference had participants from Railroads, simulator vendors, training institutes, universities mainly from UK and Europe. There were a good number of exhibits from simulation vendors across multiple countries, exhibiting the latest in the area of training, virtual reality and 3D.

The participants shared their rich experience in the areas mainly of the simulators for training in the areas of signaling, train drivers training and maintenance.

HISCE and Hitachi Rail India jointly presented at the conference by Graham Goswell of HICSE and Narendra Ashar of Hitachi Consulting India. Our presentation was about simulation products from HICSE with an innovative idea for the future of Simulation Technology Applications in the area of Railways. Tom Ross, Steve Baker of HICSE and Mangal Dev of Hitachi Rail India were also participated in the conference.

The theme of our presentation was the use of simulation for operations efficiency in railroad operations and use of data, application of data science with Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning in the area of railways.

The presentation not only appraised the elite crowd with the products we have, like TREsim, TREmodel, TREsure, Dessan, TREsa and TRANISTA, it showed innovative possibilities and the way ahead in application of simulation and data based technologies for Railway Operations and Railway Intelligence.

Narendra Ashar began the presentation with a brief introduction to the largest, dense, complex and one of the most diverse railway of the world and its problems. The Railway board, the top body at Indian Railways has identified Operations Research applications as a key to help solve these problems more effectively, though the push for new equipment and technology continues, it is operations research over and above these would lead to Railway efficiency. The products and services with the thought process and concepts the HICSE tools and solutions could be a very effectively used at scale for operations research application leading to Railways efficiency. We also presented the idea of systematic application of capacity measurement and management, process capability indices in Railway operations.

Continuing with the mantra of Railways efficiency at scale for railroads, Graham Goswell presented products and services of HICSE along with a new focus of Data and its innovative use going ahead. Innovate use of data for Predictive maintenance of infrastructure, Incident recovery systems, User ergonomics and Responsive security. This apart he introduced the idea of commercial use of data for Retail intelligence to on-station and local area companies, personalized marketing on train and in station.

The feedback from the elite participants was very encouraging, particularly from the Railroad and Network operations personnel. For many, the use of Simulations in planning, capacity measurement and management, process capability metrics and analytics applications was a new but necessary idea which would help them solve a lot of their problems, and could be looking forward to availability of such tools.

Simulation Technologies integrated into operations management is the promising area and rail efficiency is the new mantra for railways of the world. Hitachi is committed to lead the way for this transformation.


Hitachi welcomes the Digital Railway Team



It was a busy time in our Derby office last week when we had the pleasure of hosting a visit from Network Rail’s David Waboso, Managing Director, Group Digital Railway.  This office is the hub for our Thameslink TMS delivery team and so there is always an excited buzz about the place and David’s visit added another level.

Digital Railway

This was a great opportunity to showcase some of Hitachi’s key technologies and demonstrate their potential effectiveness in meeting many of the challenges associated with delivering the future Digital Railway. David also took time to review progress on a specific initiative we are undertaking as part of the Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) Programme. 

It has long been accepted that the use of simulation tools early in the design process is associated with greater levels of success in final delivery and operation. HICSE’s expertise in the development of simulation for infrastructure design and data validation provides industry specialists with the tools they need to fully test the integrity of design options and subsequent operational objectives.

Put simply simulation enables better results, with better cost control, to better managed timescales - all essential requirements to deliver projects the size and scale of the Digital Railway Programme. Given the capacity constraints of the UK network getting things right in a virtual environment vastly de-risks future technology deployment and operational change.  

Delivering the next generation of rail systems requires a step change in technology and approach as outlined in the Government’s ‘Strategic Vision for Rail’. We are delighted that David and his team are open to exploring the opportunities offered by our new technology developments.


Intelligent Transport Conference 2017


Denise Watkins had the opportunity to attend the Intelligent Transport Conference which took place at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster, London on 31 October.  This one-day conference is marketed as a chance for transport professionals to hear the latest developments in the industry, join discussions, debates, and do some high end networking.

intelligent transport conference

The event was made up of 4 streams; Harnessing Passenger Data, Mobility as a Service, Smart Ticketing and Payments and Real-Time Passenger Information. Each stream had an agenda and speaker line up relevant to the topic which meant it was like attending 4 conferences in one day.

Following the welcome address and a panel discussion entitled “Where is the Global Transport Industry Going” you then had to choose which sessions to join, which was quite a challenge.

During one of the sessions Denise learnt about the progress being made towards providing mobility as a service and the technologies required to succeed such as App based booking systems, real time information, and WHIM type platforms. WHIM claims to be a one stop shop for all your travel needs. In theory they cover all transport modes, tickets, bookings for end to end journeys and travel plans in one easy-to-use app. Sounds brilliant and is already in use in the West Midlands and could be coming to a city near you soon!

intelligent Transport Conference

One of the 4 streams was a really dynamic presentation from the MD of a company called Zipabout. They provide a data aggregation and communications platform for the transport industry which doesn’t sound that interesting on the face of it but when you delve into the detail of what they can do with the data in terms of predicting demand, monitoring customer experience and targeted communication it was fascinating.  At the other end of the spectrum we heard about the use of data to improve public transport which was more of a look back at what we’ve done rather than a view into the future.

To read more about the Intelligent Transport Conference, please click on the following link:


Women of Hitachi Summit 2017


Hugely Successful Day at the Women of Hitachi Summit 2017

women of hitachi

Denise Watkins, HICSE's Business Development Manager, and 4 other members of HICSE have just returned from a fantastic event which was run by and for the amazing women of Hitachi.  This was the 5th annual Women of Hitachi (WOH formerly WIN) summit for the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region and Denise's 2nd year as a member of the core team responsible for organising the event - so no pressure!

The WOH Summit aims to provide participants with opportunities to enhance their success and contributions which they can make to the company.  It addresses needs and issues within the workplace, and provides attendees with resources which they can utilise to aid their aspirations.

There were 100 delegates from 18 different Hitachi Ltd group companies at this year’s event.  The theme was Transforming for Success, with a strong focus on understanding your traits and environment to maximise your potential.

women of hitachi

There were some interesting keynote speakers and delegates took part in some fab workshops on Social Thinking, Thinking about Thinking and Megatrends.

women of hitachi

HICSE can send up to 5 delegates to the annual summit which is fewer than we would like but we do try to offer the opportunity to a different group each year.  These events are such a good opportunity to meet other women from a variety of different professional backgrounds.

It's also a great opportunity to learn some new skills and have some fun!

women of hitachi

Last year a video was created and uploaded to the Hitachi Brand Channel on Youtube which explains more about last years WIN Summit:

There is also more about diversity and inclusion on our website:

women of hitachi


An Innovation Partner for the IoT Era


In early September Darran Williams, HICSE's Contracts and Commercial Manager, attended GAP-M (Global Leadership Acceleration Program for Managers) training at the Hitachi Europe office in Maidenhead along with colleagues from across Hitachi in Europe (Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands) and even as far away as Zambia!

The GAP-M syllabus is focused around understanding and contributing to Hitachi’s global strategy of: “An Innovation Partner for the IoT (Internet of Things) Era” with a focus on collaboration across Hitachi to deliver customer centric services and products, and translating those priorities into the local businesses that we work for. An interesting opportunity to understand the challenges of the other Hitachi divisions, learn from others and to work together solving some simulated business scenarios, including the ‘grand finale’ of building some paper and card models that represent the future strategy of Hitachi.

The construction challenge was accompanied by the usual ‘management’ pivots... schedule challenge, change of team resources and budget reduction part way through the project! Hence why the final product looks like it could be a pre-schooler homework exercise. But if you look hard enough it does represent the four pillars of the 'One Hitachi' strategy: Focus, Accountability, Engagement and Sustainability - coupled with customer centric focus, to accelerate growth!

To read more about The IoT (Internet of Things) please click on the following link: 


TRAKO 12th International Railway Fair 2017


TRAKO is the largest and most prestigious rail industry meeting in Poland and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. A presentation of the state of the art in transport systems and railway infrastructure in Poland, Europe and round the world. The fair takes place every two years.









This was the third time HICSE has exhibited at this event and we were supported by our strategic partners in Poland, TransLink Master. It was an extremely busy week and it was gratifying to see the level of interest in our products. The growing interest in railway signalling simulators in Poland is focused mainly on rail traffic safety. Although the use of simulators for training is not yet formally required, their functionality can contribute to setting standards. This is a market that is developing rapidly and we are very pleased to be playing an active part in helping to specify solutions. We were also able to showcase new tools to support the design and validation of infrastructure projects which attracted considerable interest from visitors.

One of the most popular attractions on our stand was the ‘Virtual Training Suit’ where we invited visitors to step inside a replica of one of our installations in the UK - the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” certainly rang true as visitors queued to try it out.









Thank you to all who visited us at the fair and we hope to see you again in Berlin for InnoTrans.

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