Hitachi Information Control Systems (HICSE)

HICSE was formed in September 2015 following Network Rail’s award to Hitachi Rail Europe of the contract to supply a Traffic Management System (TMS) for the Thameslink Core.  Prior to this the company was called The Railway Engineering Company (TRE) which was acquired by Hitachi in 2012.

TRE supplied signaller training and assessment simulators as well as automatic routing systems, products which complement and support Hitachi’s product portfolio in the European Traffic Management Railway (TMS) sector.


As a company that’s been focused on social innovation since its inception, Hitachi has an illustrious history of developing leading edge technology and innovative products that enhance lives, improve communities and inspire action.

In 1910, Hitachi was founded as a mining machinery repair shop. At a time when Japan was relying on imported products and technology, one team chose to rely on a different resource, themselves.

They began to develop and deliver original products and technologies bound by Hitachi founder Namihei Odaira’s belief that they should “Contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products”.


Founded in 2000 by three signalling engineers to provide consultancy services to the rail industry, TRE very quickly gained a reputation for efficient product and project delivery with companies such as Westinghouse Rail Systems (now Siemens).

Following the Cullen Report (which highlighted failings in signaller training that had contributed to the Ladbroke Grove Accident) TRE developed the first signaller training simulator (TREsim) which was installed at Network Rail’s new  IECC at Slough in September 2001.

Although separated by 90 years there are many similarities between the founders of Hitachi and TRE, they each had a desire to supply original products and technologies that would provide a positive benefit to society.

1910 - 1924

railway engineering

Company Milestones


1910 – Company formed – Completed five-horsepower induction      motor

1916 – Completed 10,000-hp (7,355-kW) water turbine

1924 – Completed the first large-scale DC electric locomotive to be manufactured in Japan

2000 - 2005

railway engineering


2000 – TRE Incorporated

2004 – Awarded contract to supply TREsim to all Electronic Signalling Centres (IECCs) in the UK

2005 – TREsa Development Agreement signed with GE Transportation Systems

1964 - 1982

railway engineering


1964 – Completed the first cars for the Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

1977 – Completed construction of Fugen advanced thermal converter reactor

1982 – Hitachi Europe Ltd Established

2006 - 2008

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2006 – 1st deployment of TREsim for MCS

2008 – 1st deployment of TREsim for WESTCAD

2008 – TREsim installed at all IECCs

1999 - 2006

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1999 – Hitachi Rail Europe established in the UK

2005 – Exhibited “EMIEW” two-wheel mobile robot capable of direct dialogue at the 2005 World Exposition Aichi, Japan

2006 – Basic experiment on the application of Optical Topography as a brain-machine interface

2009 - 2012

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2009 – 1st deployment of TREsim overseas (Norway)

2012 – TRE assist Network Rail to evaluate TMS supplier’s prototype systems

2012 – TRE is acquired by Hitachi

Traffic Management

railway engineering

2013 – TREmodel deployed on Derby Station area Re-modelling

2014 – TRE awarded contract to support the Thales TMS contracts at Romford and Cardiff

2015 – Hitachi Rail Europe wins Thameslink TMS

2015 – TRE is rebranded to Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe Ltd (HICSE)

2016 – HICSE exhibit with Hitachi Rail Europe and Ansaldo STS at Innotrans

2016 – TREsa Secures full Product Acceptance