Case Study – Norway


HICSE were selected by Australian train driving simulator specialist Sydac to develop a signalling simulator as part of a driving, signalling and traffic management training facility to be installed at Norsk Jernbaneskole (the Norwegian Railway School), a purpose-built training centre near Oslo. Norsk Jernbaneskole believe the centre to be the most advanced railway training academy in Europe.

The TREsim allows faithful recreations of the Class BM 71 Flytoget train cabs to be driven by students using the Sydac simulators which are in turn controlled by dispatchers using the traffic control simulators in an accurate representation of a live environment on the Drammen - Oslo - Gardermoan route. The simulators will include the area around Oslo Centre, the busiest section of the Norwegian network.

Norsk Jernbaneskole, the training subsidiary of Jernbaneverket, is building a team of teaching specialists in driving, signalling and traffic management, with the aim of increasing the flow of fully-

trained drivers and signallers into the Norwegian rail sector using the simulation systems to improve both the quality and speed of training.
This project includes several firsts for HICSE:

  • HICSE’s first project outside the UK
  • HICSE's first simulation of Bombardier’s EBICOS and Siemens’ VICOS control systems
  • First time that a HICSE simulator has been used as part of an integrated driving/signalling training package

The simulator system in Norway provides 3 Dispatcher desks identical to the workstations in the Oslo Control Centre. Each system can run as either a Bombardier EBICOS or Siemens VICOS workstation and can all work in individual sessions or together in any combination. There is a projected overview on the wall as there is in the Control Centre allowing the Dispatcher to see trains coming from beyond his area of control.