Case Study – Eurostar


HICSE secured a contract for provision of TREsim for the Eurostar Support and Maintenance Depot built at Temple Mills with access via its own dedicated spur line from Stratford.

This TREsim installation simulated an Alstom MCS signalling system, however the simulator was installed long before the Eurostar depot was up and running allowing the Signallers to practice train movements well before the Depot was put into use.

The early installation of TREsim enabled Eurostar UK Ltd to hone the performance of their Signallers through off line training and also to improved traffic efficiency in terms of increased throughput of trains particularly during the critical night period as the Signallers were able to explore ways of operating without impacting on real operations.

In this way, the management were able to explore improved ways of timetabling and scheduling the various moves through the Depot. Additionally, the full fidelity simulator enabled the operational design to be tested prior to build.

This application of the TREsim can be extended to study the effects on operations of various types of signalling system failure and engineering possessions etc. and contingency plans can be prepared and evaluated to cope with them so as to minimise the detrimental effects on depot operations.

HICSE are currently in the process of supplying a TREsim for a similar depot installation where HICSE are producing Pseudo Interlocking in advance of the real thing to enable operation staff to ensure that the functionality meets their needs. The TREsim system will then be used for training purposes in time for delivery of the real system.