UK Installations

View our interactive map which shows where all of our UK installations are located.

TAP at Wimbledon

One role of TAP is to provide Automatic Code Insertion (ACI) functionality at Waterloo and Clapham

TransPennine Route Upgrade

HICSE was engaged to run specific digital simulations of the TransPennine geographic area, specifically York to Manchester in both directions

Stoke Gifford

Assisting Network Rail to understand and assess the potential risks related to trains coming to a stand on arrival at Stoke Gifford Depot from the West

Leeds Station

HICSE modelled the May 2018 timetable for Leeds station and 5-mile surrounding area using our TREsim tool to help identify specific issues and provide recommendations to resolve them

London Kings Cross Remodelling

An advanced CIF was provided and Hitachi used Tranista’s IM system to analyse the timetable for any issues

Doncaster Carr Depot

HICSE’s dessan Model is used to run timetable simulations to assess potential capacity issues that may arise from an increase in trains requiring servicing and maintenance at the depot

Huddersfield Digital Heat Map

The Heat Map view is generated by analysis of data generated in dessan Model and TREsim models, colour coding infrastructure by density of operations indicating dwell timing congestion