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          The Hitachi Group in Europe comprises the European operations of Hitachi Group. With 146 legal entities and approximately 20,000 employees. Hitachi in Europe is committed to improving society through the development of technology.
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          As a company, we are working to “Inspire the Next” technology or product which – in turn – will improve lives all around the world. If you are someone who wishes to apply your technical and commercial strengths to be part of a cutting edge, socially responsible and global company we would like to hear from you.
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Welcome to Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe Limited

Hitachi railway training and safety solutions for signalling and rail controls.
Hitachi Information Control Systems (HICSE) is a market driven, growing rail software developer, rich in innovation and diversity in our products, technology, services, and staff.

The rail industry is facing many challenges today, developing rail signalling solutions that can deliver both cost saving efficiencies whilst ensuring that safety is also maintained is critical to the industry’s future.

HICSE is working on the next generation of software products to support the changing world and focusing on the interoperability and accessibility of software to deliver an improved user experience. HICSE's railway solutions provide support to engineering activities throughout the whole lifecycle of signalling works on one easily accessible, digital platform, allowing users to identify issues earlier in the works saving money.

Bringing together developments and solutions for exciting concepts and technology – and identifying how we can help support the rail industry worldwide.
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Hello and welcome...
We are a leading provider of system solutions for railway signalling and operations
Based in the UK with 3 locations
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Image of a control room
Patrick Devlin
“Working towards a safer, better, rail system is at the heart of everything we do here at HICSE.

Working hard to work safe – developing new technology & innovations to support our colleagues across the industry with safe, structured solutions.

Delivering innovation through digital technology”
Patrick Devlin
Managing Director
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Signalling centre locations
Hours of safe railway control
Our solutions

Software that's as advanced as our trains

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Signaller Training

A training and assessment system for railway signalling designed to link to various VDU signalling systems and NX panels. For simulation to have maximum value in the training environment, it must accurately mimic the ‘real world’.
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Modelling is used to evaluate major project designs prior to implementation. By using complex modelling techniques, the exact signalling infrastructure of any part of the railway network can be replicated including mainline, station areas, yards and depot facilities. Options can then be changed in a virtual way to fully test the integrity of the design.
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Design allows scheme plans to be created and edited quickly using a library of signalling components. The tool is used in the earliest stages of a project when options for the signalling layout are being considered. It also provides automated drawing validation to check for basic errors. Once an option has been selected, users can export the design as a System Data Exchange Format and add further detail in other tools to create the final scheme plan.
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Trackside Guardian - a novel system that offers both increased safety and improved efficiency. This system will operate in parallel with the existing processes, independently calculating what signalling protection is required to protect a worksite without the need for any lineside equipment. The system also monitors the state of the railway and continually checks to see if anything unexpected occurs, such as a protecting signal showing a proceed aspect or track occupations indicating a train is moving beyond the protection towards a line block or possession.
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Our latest news, views & insights

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On track for rail safety
The HICSE team were pleased to meet with Huw Merriman - Minister of State for Transport and James Le Grice - Head of Interoperability, Safety and Standards at the DfT offices. Discussing safety solutions for trackworkers and the importance of interoperability of systems deployed on the railways to enabled disparate systems to be able to […]
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TREsim FLEX – signalling the future of training
Hitachi have led the way over the past decade in simulation and signaller training with TREsim which has seen many changes and exciting developments in high fidelity simulation, with models that emulate and mimic ‘real-world’ scenarios and providing the trainee with an environment which is controlled exactly as a live railway. Move on to 2024 […]
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