HICSE has a suite of simulation tools that can be used in a wide variety of scenarios to include training and design validation to ensure that planned new and/or improved engineering works will deliver the desired system performance improvements.

Scheme Design


dessan enables the rapid development of scheme plan style sketches that allow the assessment of design options and communication of the possibilities on your railways. Exportable to SDEF to allow direct input into other tools.

  • Create scheme plan sketches from a library of signalling components.
  • Analyse the safety and performance of signalling designs
  • Easily configured to cater for the introduction of new signalling equipment.
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Requires minimal training to use
  • Options and stage works can be displayed within the same sketch using timeframes.
  • Export Sketches as JPG images.

Follow the link for more information or to request a free trial.

Data Validation


TREsure A unique product that can test your interlocking independently against signalling principles throughout the design process. Provides assurance that the data as written is validated against generic UK Railway standards. TREsure is the only commercially available tool that meets Network Rails mandate under emergency change notice – NR/BS/LI/391.





TREmodel  Evaluate your railway signalling options before committing to a design or system solution. Options can be changed rapidly allowing quick re-analysis of options.




Signaller Training


TREsim The highest fidelity and most respected UK railway simulator. TREsim simulates interlocking’s, infrastructure layouts, rolling stock, driver behaviour, weather and more to provide the most accurate simulation. Used to train signallers on replicated control workstations, signallers can be regularly assessed to ensure they are equipped to deal with the challenges that a modern railway could potentially throw at them.

TREsim Data Sheet



HICSE provide numerous consultancy services across the rail signalling and control spheres. We also offer support for legacy systems as well as on site and off site training and testing facilities.

Support for Legacy Systems
HICSE specialist engineers provide rail signalling consultancy support throughout the UK and overseas under licence for specific legacy systems, notably the Bombardier Transportation TEML41 telemetry system.

On Site and Off Site Training and Testing Facilities.
We offer onsite training as well as offsite training and testing facilities at our Bradford on Avon office.  HICSE can build a realistic signalling environment based on all TREsim simulations produced, including IECC, WESTCAD, and MCS Workstations.  These can be used for scheme testing purposes, Human Factors studies and additional training facilities prior to a new scheme commissioning.