Design & Simulation – dessan Rail

Rail network design software that's as advanced as our trains

dessan is the only specialist design software created exclusively for rail.

dessan allows rail signallers to experiment, plan and test entire networks using an interface that is simple, intuitive and accurate.

dessan comes with the same level of expertise and clever thinking that goes into our trains as we work towards global standard for railway design.


dessan Design allows scheme plans to be created and edited quickly using a library of signalling components. The tool is used in the earliest stages of a project when options for the signalling layout are being considered. It also provides automated drawing validation to check for basic errors. Once an option has been selected, users can export the design as a System Data Exchange Format and add further detail in other tools to create the final scheme plan.

dessan Design data sheet


dessan Model evaluates your railway signalling options before committing to a design or system solution. Options can be changed rapidly allowing quick re-analysis of options.

dessan Model data sheet


dessan Validate is a unique product that can test your interlocking independently against signalling principles throughout the design process. Provides assurance that the data as written is validated against generic UK Railway Standards. dessan Validate (TREsure) is the only commercially available tool that meets Network Rail's mandate under emergency change notice.

dessan Validate data sheet


The highest fidelity and most respected UK railway simulator. dessan Simulate (TREsim) simulates interlocking's infrastructure layouts, rolling stock, driver behavior, weather and more to provide the most accurate simulation. Used to train signallers on replicated control workstations, signallers can be regularly assessed to ensure they are equipped to deal with the challenges that a modern railway could potentially throw at them.

dessan Simulate data sheet


To visualise railway infrastructure utilisation. dessan Reveal will enable analysis of infrastructure useage in a modelling context with future plans for analysis and replaying events from operation systems. It will also provide a solution that operators can use to develop more informed maintenance schedules, expose unused capacity and assist in incident analysis.

dessan Reveal data sheet